Come and join an exclusive Club

gandini club

Yours when you sign up:


  • Two Fashion collections: Spring Summer - Autumn Winter
  • Two days, let’s enjoy them together.
  • One day devoted to Updos and Brides.
  • One day devoted to Colours and Cuts.
  • One day devoted to Him and for Her.
  • Three days with a Co-Worker. (meetings at which co-workers can participate)

Support and Communication

  • Two Step by Step videos.
  • Two glamorous-style posters for your salon.
  • A "New Styles Book" ring binder.
  • Two series of photos to add to the Book.
  • Our window stickers, to stand out.
  • A diploma to show off your hard work.


  • Personalised posters created for your salon.

(* not included in the annual membership fee)