Le Collezioni

The muses

Hair collection Autumn-Winter 2018/2019

Muse - Collezione autunno inverno 2018/2019 Gandini Team

Muses unquestionably for refinement and allure, but contemporary Muses.

Muses that experience hair as a prêt-à-porter accessory. And the hairstylist must be ready to respond with skill and rapidity, drawing on technical expertise and an easy and ready to wear creativity.


Tribute collection

Hair collection Spring/Summer 2018

Tribute collection - Collezione primavera estate 2018 Gandini Team

The wings of a magnificent butterfly flutter in this S/S Gandini Team collection: the Tribute Collection. Perhaps only those who have collected their golden dust for years and years can see it, but we can all grasp its magic.

She is there: hinting at inspiration, guiding the hands of those who today, in her honour, superbly intertwine the golden locks of a new Spring. Lasting knots of love, in an atmosphere of elegance and culture, halfway between dream and reality.


Italian seduction

Hair collection Fall Winter 2017-2018

G 0840e1

For next Fall/Winter, the refined location of Art Nouveau - an artistic movement also known in Italy as floral style, Liberty style or arte nova – is the emblem of the very sentiment of the Collection: the exaltation of beauty in all its forms.

Retro modernity or retro style in modern version? For all-Italian seduction, expressed through colour, cut, styling. And in the hairstyle and dream-like wedding-look proposal, super-refined and innovative at the same time.



Hair collection Spring - Summer 2017

Sahara - Collezione Primavera Estate 2017

In the essential and dazzling atmosphere of an unhostile but velvety desert, these new style icons move with sensual self-confidence.

In total freedom, but also with elegance and sophistication, hair is shaped by the wind, sun-bleached, caressed by a veil of humidity or dried by the intense heat of the Sahara.



Hair collection Autumn-Winter 2016/2017

Genesi collezione autunno inverno 2016 2017

Tribute to the Gandini Team's 40th anniversary

Genesi in Italian: genesis in English. In other words, beginning, birth. The one that each of us goes through every day through beauty. The one that makes you look to the future to see what it holds. The one without which no idea, no inspiration, no creation would be possible.


Multiple reflections

Hair collection Spring Summer 2016

GAN 1424F1

Style is art, passion and technology are the tools for expressing it.

A game of mirrors reects attitudes and emotions of a lively and curious woman who takes risks and wants to try new identities. Technology and fashion allow us to do several things at once: for example to wear dierent personalities for dierent occasions or to multiply our individuality through multiple styles diversied by details and accessories.


New York Seduction

Hair collection Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

Collezione autunno inverno 2015-2016 Gandini - New York Seduction

New York is the city that never sleeps: complex, immense, fascinating, unique. It is a melting pot of races and cultures that you may find appealing or scary, but that you cannot forget. The pink twilight crowns skyscrapers like magical boxes holding the night's dreams that challenge the reality of the day. Bursts of sunlight on the glass façades scatter splinters of light and cones of shadow on the pavements.


Mediterranean passion

Hair collection Spring-Summer 2015

GAN 0535 F1

The dazzling summer light shines through the contours, brings out the colours, and sets passion aflame. Energetic layerings bounce softly, as luxuriant waves caress bare shoulders, and fruity colours run rings round each other in the styling and braids, leaving behind traces of personality and something amazing.


Winter Melody

Hair collection Autumn-Winter 2014/15


The lights go down, a hush falls, colour takes shape and elegance dances on the stage of fashion. Pastel and bold shades characterise the lengths of the cuts and the updos with sinuous and feminine lines. Unexpected layering and settled waves harmoniously enjoy each other's company, whispering seduction, in the magic of a rhapsody directed by a great conductor: the passion for beauty and elegance of the Gandini Team style.