The group's philosophy

Gandini's Style is

  • Unique
  • Recognisable because it always conveys:
    • elegance
    • femininity
    • contemporary looks for the collection's timespan
    • distinctiveness, being never ordinary
    • the Made in Italy look, in other words balance and harmony in shapes and colours
  • Founded on technical excellence

The Gandini woman

  • is elegant and feminine
  • she wants to stand out from the crowd (she's not ordinary)
  • she's contemporary because she interprets trends, she actively participates in them, she doesn't submit to them
  • she has self-esteem and balance, she doesn't like to go overboard

The Gandini woman and her styling

  • She follows the mood of the collection with certain features that should give continuity and coherence to the collections beyond the period's trend
  • in keeping with the collection concept
  • no frills
  • distinctive details, never over the top or too many